Horticulture Council of Africa (H.C.A)

H.C.A is a network established by member Country national associations to address constraints the region is facing in maintaining competitiveness in the horticultural export market, especially in the European markets. The vision for horticultural Council of Africa has been developed to connect all members' national horticulture associations with a common aspiration and purpose.
The vision for horticultural Council of Africa has been developed to connect all members' national horticulture associations with a common aspiration and purpose.

The development of the horticultural export sector in the region has been mainly led by the private sector and should rightly continue in the same vein.  However the impacts of globalization, such as the need for compliance to EUREPGAP standards, have had negative impacts on the competitiveness of the sector, especially the small scale producers. It is felt that there is a comparative advantage in having a unified voice on some of the challenges in developing the horticultural sector, shared regionally especially in policy advocacy at both international and national levels e.g. WTO negotiations. Benefits could also be derived from organizing technical information exchange and skills which some of the horticultural farmers associations already share informally.

Members of HCA are drawn from the major horticulture exporting countries of the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) region.  They include Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.   It is noted that the main reasons for the attention on horticulture has based on the fact that over the last 25 years, value of horticulture exports from Southern and Eastern Africa had increased by over 50% and currently contributes 18% of the agricultural exports. Furthermore, experiences of countries like Kenya show how critical the sector has been in providing market linkages and related income earnings to small scale producers.

Horticultural Council for Africa (HCA) has been formed not to compete with national associations but rather to complement the efforts of country associations through a unified approach.  It has been noted that the horticulture industry is highly dynamic the Council has carefully planned to anticipate likely scenarios and ways to grow the industry in the region.



A united and internationally competitive regional horticulture industry.


Promote growth of horticultural sector in the East, Central and Southern Africa Region through information sharing, collaborative research/technology, environmental stability and collective bargaining.

HCA Members

Member Country
Contact Person
Ethiopia Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association Mr. Solomon Sebhatu (Board Member)
Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya Dr. Stephen Mbithi (Chief Executive)
Kenya Kenya Flower Council Mrs. Jane Ngige (Chief Executive )
Rwanda Rwanda Flower Produces and Exporters Federation Mr. Gabriel Ngendabanga (President)
Tanzania Tanzania Exporters Association Mr. Peter Lanya (Vice Chairman)
Tanzania Tanzania Horticultural Association Mr. Michael Chambers (Secretary General)
Horticulture Exporters Association of Uganda
Mr. John Bosco Kalule (EDA/Member)
Horticultural Promotion Organization of Uganda
Mr. Umran Kaggwa (Chairman)
Zambia Zambia Exporter Growers Association Mr. Luke Mbewe (Chief Executive)
Horticulture Promotion Council of Zimbabwe
Mr. Basilio Sandamu (Chief Executive)